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Sabado, Pebrero 4, 2012

The True Essence of Christmas

(Chrishia Anz R. Purisima)
           What does Christmas mean for you? What comes out of your head when you hear the word Christmas? Why do we even need to celebrate Christmas? Nowadays, some people consider Christmas as the most joyful and expensive celebration of the year, which associates with buying gifts, new clothes, new appliances, palatable foods and social gatherings. Some consider Christmas as just merry-making for the year to end. But does it just end in merry-making?
            No, Christmas isn’t just the season to be jolly for ourselves. It is a must that we share the joy we have right now to the needy and the lonely. And as said in the cliché of John Ray, “A joy that’s shared is a joy made double.” And as you share your joy, your soul lifts higher to heaven.  Giving your love to the needy makes up a joy in your heart and a joy to the recipient. So, why don’t you give love on Christmas?
            Why do we need to commemorate Christmas? According to a great teacher of mine, Christmas is celebrated because it was the time wherein the Messiah, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem.  And as God promised to send the Redeemer, Jesus the Son of God became human. That’s why Jesus is the perfect expression of God’s love. God sacrificed His only Son for us to save us from sins. And thus, we commemorate the love of the Lord God and through His Son, the Divine Word became flesh.
            We just not remember Christmas as a joyful season, of merry-making and celebrating social gatherings but it is also the time to have the good opportunity to thank God for giving us Jesus as the best gift we ever had. It’s the time to give thanks for sending us the Messiah. And let us offer to God our genuine love on Christmas.
                        (Chrishia Anz is a Grade 6 student of LLCI.)

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