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Sabado, Pebrero 4, 2012

Amazing Facts and Figures!

Aidan Bunachita

Hi kids! Let us start out new year right by adding something new to our bank of unbelievables!

Animal facts

Did you know? That the Inland Taipan is the most poisonous
Snake in the world? Even though it carries
Little venom, one bite is enough to kill 100,000
Rats or 20,000 adult humans!
How’s that for astonishing?

Did you know? The Reticulated Python is the longest
Snake in the world? So far, the longest one is about
10 METERS! Imagine, a reptile can grow as long as
Of the Reticulated Python’s length!

Did you know? The Black Mamba is the fastest snake in the world?
It can slither at a maximum speed of 12 kph in short ranges!
With that speed (and a venomous bite) it is a very deadly

Did you know? That the anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world?
So far, the heaviest is about 227 kilos (500 pounds)!
For an animal that slithers, it is reaaaalll heavy!

Here’s another one: did you know? The Gaboon Viper has the
Longest fangs of any snake! The longest fangs from it so far is
2 inches! I mean, how will it fit in its mouth?
Enough snake facts, let’s now move on to winged creatures!
Did you know? The Yokohama Chicken has the longest feather of any bird?
The longest feather from it so far is 10.6 meters! Longer than the Reticulated
Python! (see above) Isn’t that incredible?

If you’re impressed by that, then did you know that the
Peregrine falcon is the fastest bird and the fastest creature in the world?
 When diving from steep heights, it reaches a staggering 322 kph!
And when chasing in strait directions, it reaches 161 kph!
But it rarely flies at this speed.

 I am sure that you will be impressed by the whistling swan
Do you know why? Because did you know that the whistling swan has the most feathers of any bird?
So far, the most number of feathers from the whistling swan is about 25,000 feathers!
That’s really featherrryy!

Have you ever heard of the wandering albatross?
Well, did you know that it has the longest wingspan of any bird?
The wingspan of this big bird is a gigantic 3.7 meters!

Here’s another one: did you know? The Ruppell’s Vulture is the highest flying bird?
One was caught hitting a jet plane at an altitude of 11,300 meters!
But usually goes 6,100 meters. But still, very steep!

I have a record you will be shocked!
Did you know? The Forcipomyia has the fastest wing beats of all time?
It beats about 62,720 times per minute!
Astonishing! Isn’t it?  

 If you are amazed by that, then did you know that the Fairy Fly is the smallest insect in the world?
It’s so small, it is smaller than some SINGLE CELLED ORGANIZMS! Hard to see, and it is so small that it
Would take about 5.7 million of them to weigh one ounce! It’s so little, right?

Do want to see more, wait until next issue!

(Aidan is a grade four pupil of LLCI.)

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